Directorate of Education

Government of Goa, India



The Bal Bhavan, Panaji was established on 26th January, 1986 as an institute aimed at educating children in various modes of creative expression. Its objective is to stimulate the child´s curiosity and help in expanding the capacity of the child´s brain. The facilities that the children get in this institute, aimed at creativity, are normally not available in other schools.

The institution offers a basketful of facilities for perusing various creativity activities in science, arts, modeling, health and sports. The child gets an opportunity and freedom to groom as per its interest and inborn talent. Besides the regular activities, Bal Bhavan gives opportunities to children to participate in national integration camps, cultural festivals, Bal Utsav etc.

The Bal Bhavan is an autonomous body and is financed by the State Government on the parallel lines of National Bal Bhavan, New Delhi. The Directorate of Education provideds an annual grant of Rs. 120.00lakhs with 10% increase per year.

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